Xanthe is a demon from the Nightosphere who was able to find a magical neckalace that opens portals, which is how he got to Ooo.

Apearence Edit

Xanthe has black hair, red skin, and matching red horns. His demon wings are black and on his back he carries a dark purple case with a keyboard piano inside of it. His shirt is black with a white skull and a white X like pattern on the bottom of it. The shirt he wears underneath it is black and red stripped and his pants are dark blue. Also, his shoes are black, and the necklace he wears around his neck is gold in color with a red gem in the middle.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Xanthe can be very mechievious and a trouble maker at times, but he can be (sometimes unintentionally) nice and very bashful too. He prefers to be more of a loner, but doesn't mind a few people, 1 or 2, being around him.


Xanthe can fly, do dark magic, and can play the piano. Xanthe can also shapshift into a more demonic creature if needed.



Xanthe likes to chill with his vampire friend Iris every now and then. He likes to play music with her.


Seere is sort of like Xanthe's pet. Seere is a demonic shadowy being that Xanthe found wondering around the graveyard. Seere can shapshift into many things and is very useful.


  • Xanthe is100 years old and has explored quite a bit of the Nightosphere
  • He likes visiting the Ice kingdom because it's a nice change from his usually hot climate
  • His favorite food are gummybears
  • Xanthe lives in a cave when he's not traveling around Ooo
  • He hates it when people embarass him
  • He likes to just go to random places through the portal just to see where he might end up
  • Xanthe can float a little from the ground, but has to fly to get any higher