Head of urmum

Prince Unicorn (Full name - Prince Luke Unicorn) often called PL OR UP (Prince Luke - Unicorn Prince) and occasionally PU (As an insult, because of how it sounds) is the Prince of the Unicorn Kingdom. He is self proclaimed evil (Like Marshall Lee) and often associates with the ice king.

'''Apearence''' Edit

UP has blonde hair, pale white skin, and a long black unicorn horn protruding from his head. He weres a casual white shirt with an outline of a horn on it, and black pants and shoes.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Prince Unicorn describes himself as evil, and such to prove that, he associates with the ice king. Which ends up driving more people away from him. He loves to mess with people and play jokes on them, but other times the jokes can be quite serious. Despite being 17, he acts more like a child of the age of 13 or 14.


All of his abilitys generate with his horn, thus making it an important item

He can generate beams from his horn which can be used for several things.                                                         If his horn is removed, he loses all of his powers, and if not re-atatched soon, he will die.


Finn the HumanEdit

His relationship with Finn is odd. One minute they're friends, another minute... not so much. They are often fighting with eachother as Hero and Villan. Which makes it no "Play Fight" Finn's dog, Jake, hates UP, and UP hates him.

Marceline, the Vampire QueenEdit

He and Marceline are like besties. They first met in Prince Unicorns home country, and have been friends since he was a kid. They mainly started as friends because of the fact UP can change the colour of his horn as much as he likes. They see eachother regularly


  • Even though it say's he is 17, his actual age is unknown.
  • He is a song writer, but doesn't show it.
  • He has a weird diet, which consists of things that horses eat.
  • Unicorn-people do not originate in Ooo, but somewhere else on earth.
  • He hates expressing his feelings to people.
  • He could have possibly lived before the Great Mushroom War