Strawberry princess by animatedbunny-d4d9hoo
Name: Charity the Strawberry Princess

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Birthday: Nov. 19

Zodiac: Scorpio/Rooster

Likes: Romance, Adventure, Magic, Roses, Japanese cherry blossoms, Strawberries and Chocolate, Sweets, etc.

Dislikes: people who lie, people who hurt her friendship and people who are evil.

Attribute: Water

Race: Strawberry

Background Story:

Chari the Strawberry Princess of the strawberry kingdom in the land of Ooo and Aaa. As a young girl she had always craved for the taste of having an adventure, but she was sweet, kind, loving, and loyal to her kingdom.

The Education she had to go through was a pain in the rear for herself, but she withstood it for in the end she knew it would come in handy, so not only is she cute, but she's smart to, luckily for her though, she had a kind teacher of the elves to teach her how to use her magic and alchemy properly, Chari had only based her magic with water because it was her favorite element, and it was the element she had been born with due to the year and day of her birth. Chari had done research about herself it took her years but she finally came to an understanding of who she is.

So one day, with her castle having a rivine around it she used her magic to bring the water forth towards her bedroom sill, the water had formed like staircases to the ground and silently using her water alchemy skills she walked down the steps with ease being careful not to make a noise to let the gaurds have way of noise. This...was the beginning of her adventure.

and so, carefully without making splashing noises she brought the water case of stairs down from her bedroom sill and ran off into the night, she made her way through the land of Ooo and Aaa. On that same night as chari had been searching for the adventure that she had always been expecting, she had made a new friend, This friend was named Kisa The Demon Queen.

Kisa The Demon Queen had not been open at the time that they had met but more or less, Chari would not give up on kisa, chari was too caring to just let someone be in the dark like kisa had been after locking away her heart in the Ruins of the Abyss of which that is now gaurded by the gaurdians of the ruins and protects kisas heart from anyone who may enter the land of the ruins. (( which hopefully we will all save her from one day. ))

Being the loving and kind hearted Strawberry Princess that chari was, she had brought kisa to the land of Ooo and Aaa, getting her gaurds, to open the castle gates and her servants at the door waiting with worry for their princess but became amazed with awe seeing who she brought with her, chari had no idea that kisa was demon queen, all she wanted to do was take care of her in that moment, to make sure she was healthy and back to full strength, but later on as kisa awakened from her slumber, Chari had been sitting right there next to her, smiling. The two girls had talked for a while, kisa questioning strawberry princess and why she's in her quarters. Chari replied with many answers for kisa, and kisa gave chari answers of who she was.

Slowly in time as the girls bonded they had become Best friends, kisa knew that Chari had been bored of always being in the castle so kisa would kidnap her and go off on an adventure, but along their adventures they met Prince Gumball, Marshall lee, along with Pumpkin prince gordy, prince nicoli honeybee, and vlad the dragon as well as all the other citizens of Ooo and Aaa.

And their Adventures still continue.

But later on in her adventures, she bumps into the love of her life, the only man for her. the one who has truly protected her along kisas side. the one who holds the strawberry princesses key to her heart. who becomes her body gaurd and her lover.

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