"Sometimes Life get's better
Royalty (2)

Princess Gumdrop

when you find love"

-Princess Gumdrop

Princess Gumdrop is the Princess of Gum Kingdom. She is the younger sister of Princess Bubblegum and shows a very sweet personality. She has a evil-alter ego named Sherry,it only activates when she done something wrong.


  • Name: Bella The Gumdrop Princess or simply Princess Gumdrop.
  • Age: 15
  • Race: Humanoid Candy
  • Occupation:Princess
  • Love Interest: Nature Prince
  • Alter Ego: Sherry, The Mistress of Corruption and Chaos
  • Residence: Gum Kingdom
  • Alignment:Good and Chaotic Evil(When Alter Ego activates)


Princess Gumdrop was born three years later after the birth of Princess Bubblegum. At the age of five,she dreams to become a princess just like her sister. She attended The Ooo Elementary School,she met her bestfriend Blair or The Vampire Mistress. At the age of ten,an accident occured at the school,Blair accidently pour a chaotic evil potion to Princess Gumdrop making her alter ego "Sherry" activates. The teachers and students were desperately trying hard to revived Princess Gumdrop. It was finish,it was difficult to make a potion just to reverse the process of the Chaotic Evil Potion,but the elements of the Chaotic Evil potion we're still inside Princess Gumdrop's brain.

At the age of 11,she developed a crush on Nature Prince,a handsome and well-mannered boy . She desperately want a boyfriend,but she was too young to have a boyfriend. At the age of thirteen,she received the title as the "Princess of Gum Kingdom" making her a certified Princess.


Bella is shown to be very compassionate,kind-loving and well-mannered princess. She is very sweet and everyone likes her including Finn The Human. She is shown to be very Adventurous and Brave like Finn The Human. She likes Adventures and Princesses.

In her Alter Ego,she is shown to very Evil,Arrogant and Inconsiderate,her alter-ego loves Chaos and Corruption and likes to damaged things. She likes to hurt people feelings and has the ability to unleash a powerful elemental matrix making the whole universe destroyed.