My Adventure Time Info:

Miya adventure time

Miya smiling

Name:Miya the Werewolf and Animal Queen



Species:Special Being,Werewolf

Occupation:Animal/Werewolf Queen,Adventuress,Heroine


English dub Voiced By:The creator

Background:Miya grew up in the Land of Aaa.She was born from her mother and father Maria and Jerry.She was alone most of the time and eventually her parents moved into the Night O sphere which Miya thought was scary,So she didnt go.So one day she saw this hamster surrounded by evil elves and flew by and took him becuase he was sad.So Miya named him Arvie.From then on she had adventures with him.She then took home a fire wolf and named him Smokey because of his black fur and it was a good name.Smokey didnt burn her though no matter how hot he was he was a cool dog even though he was a fire dog.So one day Miya saw a boy crying so she wondered over to ask what was wrong.He told her he lost his bear.So Miya look around Aaa and after a few hours she found him laying on the other side of the river.

So Miya floated across holding her pets and grabbed his teddy bear.Miya patched the rip on his eye and leg and gave it back to Marshall Lee.His face became brightened and she smiled as well.He asked for her name and she told him.So Marshall Lee started to befriend her
Mia and Marshall young

Miya and Marshall younger

.Eventually they became best friends!They had adventures together now.They kept helping eachother out and playing around with eachother.As they gotten older,seen all of Aaa and had alot of expirience they still hanged out just not as much since Miya doesn't know where his lair is.He did say he would take her there one day.She also made alot more friends such as Lsp,Fionna,Cake,Lord Monochromicorn,Bubba(kinda),Candy People,Treetrunks,Be-Ma and more!Miya does still has adventures with everybody else and helps Fionna and Cake and still visits Marshall.


Appearance:Miya has Dark brown,curly,medium length hair and even though they seem as black dots when enlarged her eyes are brown as well.Miya often wears her hair in a ponytail or down and most of the time there is a piece of hair hanging down her face.She wears her bangs to the side and clips her left bangs with a blue barrett.When she was young Miya wore a blue overalls dress with a white shirt under and white tights with black shoes and her hair was in a curly ponytail.Even though she is mostly seen wearing different clothes she mostly wears her white and black striped shirt with blue caprees,her blue backpack,brown hightop shoes,white socks with light yellow stripes at the top,her necklace and white hamster themed hat.When she went to Bubba's ball she wore a white dress with light blue borders around it and a light yellow bow.

Miya full body ponytail

Miya ponytail with main outfit

Miya full body down

Miya usual outfit hair down

Abilities:Shape-Shifting(animals,werewolves,vampires),Levitation,Geokinesis,Sword master,Super strength,Immortality

Weaknesses:Her important ones hurt,her damage,coldness,over-heat,the castle in danger,heights,Types of metals,wolfbane

Music & Instruments:Miya has a proficent singing voice and plays her bell bass guitar and piano.


Pets:Arvie(R-V) the hamster,Smokey(Smow-key) the dog
Arvie the hamster

Arvie(R-V) the hamster

Likes:Sweets,Animals,her friends,adventures,playing,hanging out,music,bell bass guitar,piano,singing,pranking,having fun,protecting others

Dislikes:Tomatoes,Potatoes,Ice King,Ice Queen,Bubba,Bonnibel,Evil,Spiders,Bee's,Mosquitos,Snakes

Friends:Marceline/Marshall Lee(best friend),Fionna/Finn(2nd Best friend),Jake/Cake,Be-mo,Treetrunks,LSPs,Candy People,All animals,All werewolves and most vampires

Enemies:Ice Queen/King,Bubba/Bonnibel,Spider Queen


"Marshall Lee put me down!"

"Hi Kitty!"

"Marshall Lee!Stop playing with me!"

"Hi Fionna what's sup?"

"Marshall Lee,I like you,you seem like a cool and sweet dude!"


-Miya has a crush on Marshall Lee.

-Miya has many different outfits.

-She is friends with Bubba/Bonnibel but doesn't like them very much thinking that they think they're perfect.

-Miya has brown eyes and dark brown long,curly hair.

-Miya hates when people call her "Mi" but gets use to it cause of Marshall sometimes.

-She is a Werewolf and Animal Queen.

-She's best friends with Marshall Lee and Fionna.So technically Finn and Marceline....

-She is from the land of Aaa.

-She is immortal.

-Miya likes to call Cake "Kitty" sometimes.

Crushes:Marshall Lee

Gender-bent:Michael the Werewolf & Animal King