Kisa, the Queen of the Demon Kingdom. 
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Drawn by: Kisa the Demon Queen

Although most demons don't listen and do whatever the hell they want. In one certain land, the Kingdom of the Demons, is ruled by their current ruler, Kisa. This tomboy so happens to be at of age 1,767. She has ruled over hundreds of years since age 17. As you know, every being and creature age differently. Kisa looks very young, she is 5'1 and is a crossblood between a demon and a human. Her father, Julius, is a fearsome ranked demon, known of his legend by his strength. Kisa's mother, Meilos, is a Cleric. A holy women who came cross between paths of the male demon, fell in love, and had Kisa. 

During the time, the spawn of a half breed child literally caused a uprise and the past King of the demons order the child killed, along with Julius and Meilos.  Meilos's younger friend, Sho, another Cleric, had switched a human child with Kisa and ran off far away from the demons who overran the village they lived in. Both couples had been brutally beaten by the demons. Julius was barely alive and Meilos didn't make it. They gave a enduring fight, but they were no match.The screams of the remaining humans were forced to fight for their lives when the other demons burned down the whole entire village. Sho, who is now Kisa's new guardian, had safely escape that faithful day and raised Kisa on her own. 

Kisa grew up in a huge village, where Sho works at a bar and Kisa, age 8, was working her ass off at a farm field. It was a tough living, the folks knew Kisa wasn't human, but some treat her like any other human. Sho worked as a waitress at a bar, ocassionally she would be harassed by wild mens who vaguely display sexual remarks and acts. Kisa would drop by and kick them out of the bar, starting bar fights to those drunk no good mens. She grew a dislike towards mens in general, and because of her demonic strength, the no good drunks often call her a monster, a freak of nature. She was fed up.

At age 17, she discovers that the King of Demons has died, and his crown is up for takes, if a demon victor the battle of the rights of ruling the Demon Kingdom. She finds that very opportunity to finally prove to every other living thing, that being who she is, and what she is was no reason to disown her and her rights to live normally like everyone else. She was born with rights, her birth was a purpose of change. Change for everyone at this point.

On her travels with Sho, who supported her action, Kisa come across a large white and silver like wolf. It was laying on the grass, hurt and bleeding from what seems to be like gnarly bites. Its eyes emerald green neon, it bares its gaze upon Kisa, and breathes heavily. Kisa could not bare to see the animal look at her in distress, so she asked Sho to help her care for him. As soon as he recovered the next day, he changes into his human like body. He explains he is a Wind Spirit, taking any shape and forms as he prefers and please, he vow'd that he owes his life to them. Kisa accepts this... offer and they all together travel to the meet of the battlegrounds for the war to start for the crown. 

One by one, every demon fell to their deaths. Kisa fought all her might, but also played it smart and let the brutes take each other out. Rein proceeds to keep any demons away from her, not many demons matched with his strength.

--- But...

Sho ended getting off guard by the General of the Demon King's Army. The grinning demon knocks her over, pulls her in for a unavoidable fatality. He stabbed his sword right through Sho and drops her body, like some filthy trash. He turns his attention to Kisa, who is now in shock. Her eyes widen, trembling as she sees Sho on the ground, bleeding out to death.  He spoked:"You will never be strong nor fit to rule this Kingdom. You're nothing but a mistake, a filthy mistake who shouldn't have been alive when thought we got rid of the forsaken half-breed. Do you think you can rule over the demons? Do you think you're strong enough, with your garbage veins? Look at you, you're getting all worked up over a human's death. But I guess this is your fault, bring this "human"-" *he looked at Sho* "Into a "demons" battlefield, a demons war. He laughs and kicks Sho's body. He lays his filthy bloody shoes on her head, where she softly cries and struggle to breathe.

Kisa suddenly appeared next to him, grabbed his leg, and claws it down with her hand changed into a large black demonic claws. Her face streaming down tears, she forces him off balance, and quickly cuts him in half with her katana. He was caught by surprise, appearing to cocky and assume that she had no strength or guts in her to fight him. His body now in 2, lay on the ground, collapse as he mutters. "You will rule with pain, this Kingdom will surely burn down by your own hands.." *he dies after his last words* Kisa quickly turns her attention to Sho, her sword clatter besides her. The remaining demons were eliminated by Rein, Kisa picked Sho up, kneeling besides her. Sho was breathing heavily, she was bleeding so much. She just smiles as she apologizes to Kisa that she won't be able to be by her side like she promised.  Her hand covered in her blood, slowly rubbing Kisa's tears away and just closed her eyes. Her hand drops, and she dies in Kisa's arms. Kisa, picks up her hand again, she cries loudly.Cried out for the only person she loved has died. Just for the sake of her ideal of becoming Queen. Over a stupid damn crown, her only family has died right in front of her. 

The very next day, Kisa wore her crown. She had first order that Sho was properly buried in this very special place which grew white lilies. Sho's favorite spot. Kisa, stands there by Sho's coffin, and sang a song that Sho sang to her. A song of hopes and promise. She grew bitter over the time. She had mostly locked herself up in the castle, still fighting to gain respect from her people, as for Rein, was sometimes force to do the Queen's royal work.  

She now and then likes to run off and mess around people outside of the Kingdom.  She always harass people, especially men, since she is very dominant and think of men lowly.  One night she ran across a Princess who was trying to escape her castle. Well, technically dowse Kisa with water by accident, as Kisa was knocked out cold. Waking up in a strange pink bed, air smelling of strawberries, Kisa finds herself in the guest room of the Strawberry Kingdom.  Who she ran into was Princess of the Strawberries, young Ms.Charity. Charity, who has repeatedly apologizes to Kisa. Kisa actually surprisely didn't get all that mad, as Char had begged not to tell her parents that she tried to escape the castle. Kisa smirks, thinking how fun this Princess would be. And agrees to not speak a word of her rendezvous. They slowly became good friends. Kisa and Charity goes around and travels a bit, having adventures and meeting new peoples. Kisa is currently having very difficult time with her feelings because of her how bitter she is but she is able to be a lot more friendly because of Princess Charity.