Kieara's design when she's 13 years old


My fan character is Kieara the Human, and this is her story! Sorry if her history is confusing, but if you read over it a few times, you should be able to understand it.

In the Beginning...Edit

She was first brought in to the candy Kingdom by susan strong, whom she is good freinds with from living with the Hyoomen for most of her life. With Susan strong in the Kingdom, finn is notifyed and runs to her to see whats wrong, then notices the girl (Kieara) on susan's shoulder. Susan tells finn that they need to get her to the hospital, and they rush her there. Finn makes sure that the girl is safe, then goes home to tell Jake what happened that day. A few days pass, and Kieara is allowed out of the hospital. She and Finn talk about how she live with the hyoomians her whole life, and helped susan improve her vocabulary. She is quick to make freinds with the main adventure time gang (and she is especially interested in the gadgets that princess bubblegum makes) . After long days of introduccing herself, it is finally theDuring the night, Doctor princess comes into the hospital to check on kiara only finding a panicking Susan strong (holding Kieara's Fox Hat) shouting, "Missing! The Lich! Kieara, missing!" The next day, Finn visits the girl, only to find her missing. He then notices Nurse poundcake, docter icecream, and doctor princess chatting nervously with a depressed susan strong in the corner of the hospital. Asking whats wrong, he discovers that kieara was kidnapped by the Lich to use as a host body. Then Him and the whole gang go on a quest to save Kieara from the Lich, and figure out that Finn isn't the only Human in the world.

Half way across the WorldEdit

When Kieara is saved by Finn, the Lich tries to teleport Kieara and Finn to Lumpy Space, too fall into the endless void of space, but the teleportation is corrupted because of finn's thougts of another place to go. They then teleport halfway across the world. They then wander around for a while and fine the Candy Kingdom only to be dissapointed and to figure out that it is actually the land of Aaa. (though finn and kiara think that it is the future, seeing prince gumball, thinking that it is the son or grandson of Princess bubblegum). They Run away from the castle and live in Aaa for 5 Years.

After the Events with the Lich, Finn and Kieara are believed to be dead in Ooo, so the Main gang is deeply depressed.

After the Time Skip, Finn and Kieara (whom developed a light romanticc relationship with Finn) meet Fionna and Prince Gumball (who had made a potion to make himself the same age as Fionna), who turns out is a cousin of Princess Bubblegum. He lets Finn and Kieara Stay at his Candy kingdom until he is able to contact Princess BubbleGum (it takes a lot of energy because Ooo is Halfway across the world). During the time Finn and Kieara stay in Aaa, Marshall Lee develops a small crush on Kieara, but keeps it a secret. Fionna, seeing Finn and Kieara Homesick, offers to take them on an adventure with cake, so Aaa maybe can feel abit more like thier home. Now after that, they did that once every week. After a few weeks pass, Bubba is able to make contact with Bonnibel, and tells them that Finn and Kieara are Alive. Overcome with Joy, Bonnibel tells Bubba that they will get there as fast as they can, and rounds up the group to go to Aaa. Still adventuring every week, Finn, Kieara, and Fionna are attacked by the Lich, and Finn losses his memory. Fionna and Kieara then rush him to the Kingdom, when Bonnibel and the Group has Just arrived.

Gaining one, Losing AnotherEdit