Hailey is a human that lives in Ooo. Her home is a tent in the middle of the forest near where Fin's home is located.


Hailey is a bit taller than fin but not exactly Princess Bubblegums height. She wears an orange sleeveless dress with thin orange straps. Hailey wears a blue sweater over it with the sleeves of the sweater rolled up to her elbows revealing her black and pink stripped arm warmers. She has stockings that go past her knees that are light pink with green polka dots and small yellow leg warmers that barely go past her ankles and she has black shoes. Her hair is brown, long, straight, and part of it has a black ponytail holder with balls on it. She also has a small part of her hair dyed pink with a pink headband on her head that has pink fox ears attached to it, and thick rimmed black glasses so she can see .

Personality and TraitsEdit

Hailey is a usually calm and collected. She's generally kind with a strong sense of justice. She enjoys helping others, especially if it has to do with things like math or science, and she's very smart. She isn't the best adventurer out there, but makes up for her lack of strength with her brains. Hailey is also very quick to correct someone's mistakes.


Hailey can't fly or anything like that, but she's fluent in several different languages and an amazing engineer. She's able to build many things out of very few materials, however, her inventions aren't always 100% accurate. She can also solve many complex promblems and plays the ocarina.



Pip is an innocent little white dog that can be seen with Hailey every now and then when he isn't with his owner.


Star is a humanoid being from the Constellation Kingdom (which is located in space near the stars). She's mechiveious and likes to collect shiny objects. She's very good friends with Hailey too.


Iris is a moody vamp chick that can be a bit stuck up at times, but is friendly to her real friends. She lives in the graveyard and throws awesome parties that she always invites Hailey to.


  • Hailey is 18 years old
  • Hailey doesn't remember her parents
  • Hailey is scared of demons
  • She can't cook
  • Her favorite color is orange
  • She wanted to become a vampire once, but changed her mind at the last minute
  • The tent she lives in is very large on the inside, but looks extremely small on the outside
  • She carries around a boomer rang wherever she goes
  • Her favorite food is blueberries